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On Saturday 5th November 1988 in Sheffield, England an annual bonfire night was arranged in Firth Park. Every year on this date many people across the City would attend to mark the celebration of Guy Fawkes who attempted to destroy the parliament in 1605.

Firth Park, Sheffield

The crowds were in large with different kinds of celebrations taking place throughout the evening. Some were drinking alcohol while others were attempting to enjoy the evening avoiding arguments and confrontations.

Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

This was that time when Qibla Lasani Paak [Rahmat Ullah Aley] Custodian of Eidgah Shareef at that time visited the UK for a tour of spreading the love of RasoolAllah [Salal laho Allayhi Wasallam]. On the 5th November Lasani Paak [Rahmat Ullah Aley] were sitting amongst devotees fully aware of the history of the Bonfire Night. The Shaykh asked a devotee “Anything planned in this area for the bonfire night?” A devotee responded “Yes Shaykh a yearly bonfire night event takes place and it is taking place in Firth Park tonight”. The Shaykh said “We shall go to the Bonfire Night tonight”.  Some devotees amongst each other felt that people at the bonfire night may attempt to mischief or misbehave in the presence of the Shaykh but then came to the conclusion the Shaykh knows best.

Lasani Paak [Rahmat Ullah Aley] arrived at the bonfire night and walked through the park. People acknowledged that a personality has arrived and just kept quiet and moved out of the way. Lasani Paak [Rahmat Ullah Aley] attended the bonfire night and left.

”]Qibla Alim Lasani Paak [Rahmat Ullah Aley]Firth Park, Sheffield has never hosted a bonfire night ever again. All that evilness of drinking, dancing and bad environment was destroyed by the presence of a personality who is a special servant of RasoolAllah [Salal laho Allayhi Wasallam].


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